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Company Description


The Agency derives its mandate from Article 92 of the EAC Treaty which in summary states that the Partner States shall undertake to make air transport services safe, efficient and profitable; adopt common policies for the development of civil air transport in the region; harmonise civil aviation rules and regulations and coordinate measures and co-operate in the maintenance of high security.

Objectives and functions

Pursuant to Article 92 of the Treaty, the principal objectives of the Agency as stated in the EAC Civil Aviation Safety and Security Oversight Agency Act 2009 (section 4) are as follows. The functions of CASSOA are set out in section 5 of the same act.

  • To develop policies on the development of safe, reliable, efficient and economically viable civil aviation with a view to developing appropriate infrastructure, aeronautical skills and technology as well as the role of civil aviation in support of other economic activities;
  • Assist the Partner States in meeting their safety and security oversight obligations and responsibilities under the Treaty and the Chicago Convention and its Annexes; and
  • Provide the Partner States with an appropriate forum and structure to discuss, plan and implement common measures required for achieving the safe and orderly development of international civil aviation through the implementation of international standards and recommended practices relating to the safety and security of civil aviation.

CASSOA is also involved in three major functions, namely:

  • Harmonising operating regulations to ensure that they meet international standards and recommended practices;
  • Developing standardised procedures for licensing, approving, certificating and supervising civil aviation activities; and
  • Providing guidance and assistance to Partner States including putting in place measures for resource sharing particularly for the technical personnel.


To be a Model Regional Safety and Security Oversight Organization.


To enhance safety and security oversight systems in all Partner States by
harmonizing civil aviation standards and best practices for safe and secure
civil aviation services.


  1. Integrity:
    We will uphold the standards of ethics and integrity and endeavour to be transparent and accountable in all our actions at all times.
  2. Excellence:
    We will endeavour to be competent and skilled in all what
    we do at CASSOA and provide services that exceed customer
  3. Respect:
    CASSOA Staff and Partner States personnel will show respect of
    each other and the aviation industry stakeholders and the public
    irrespective of their gender and socio-cultural orientation.
  4. Teamwork:
    We will work as a team and engage the Partner States and
    industry stakeholders and work collaboratively to achieve organisational goals.
  5. Innovation:
    We will encourage staff to learn, be creative and adopt new
    ways of doing things that deliver quality services.

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