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The hospital is a point of reference in Uganda for elective paediatric surgery, with operations planned in advance and organised through waiting lists in order to systematically tackle deep-set problems in Uganda and nearby countries. The hospital’s three operating theatres are used for surgery every day and improving the life chances of hundreds of patients every year. The opening of the Children’s Surgical Centre led to a tripling of the number of paediatric surgery beds in the country.

Elective surgery mainly deals with birth defects, urological and gynaecological problems, abnormalities in the gastrointestinal tract, illnesses of the bile duct and cheiloschisis (or cleft lip, which affects one child in 800) and other pathologies of more general surgical relevance. 

The facility boasts 100,000 square feet (9,700 m2) of floor space, 72 beds – six for intensive care and 16 for sub-intensive care – 50 beds in the ward, one observation and stabilisation ward, six outpatient clinics, a diagnostic centre, a laboratory for analysis, a blood bank, a pharmacy, as well auxiliary services such as a canteen and a laundry. It also has a guest house: free-of-charge accommodation for patients and families coming from afar. 

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