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Company Description

The year is 2007, and a TV station is started – NBS Television, situated in a 2-bedroom apartment on UAP Building, Plot 1, Kimathi Avenue – in the middle of Uganda’s capital city, Kampala.

One year on, a 32-year-old ambitious businessman, Kin Kariisa, freshly sold on a media vision, acquires shares in the young TV brand, turning its fate around.

The 2-bedroom apartment is immediately no longer enough for the new owner’s lofty ambitions, and off to Media Plaza, the now-ambitious brand moves.

Within ten years at their new home, NBS Television grows tremendously, creating themselves the niche of being the go-to option for Ugandans seeking live-broadcasts of top events.

In 2014, Mr. Kin Kariisa acquired NBS Television fully, sparking a journey that would go on to see a new media platform every year for the next five years. 2015 was the year that

Salam TV was birthed, an Islam-inclined television station, the first of its kind in Uganda.

2016 presented us with Sanyuka TV, the home of Ugandan sport.

When 2017 came around, it was time for some groundbreaking, and in came Nile Post, your usual newspaper, this time digitized, bringing to life news that is fast, relevant, and

accurate, promptly.

Groundbreaking innovations continued into 2018 when Next Radio, East and Central Africa’s first-ever audiovisual radio station, was launched, targeting the Ugandan youth

 interested in the biggest hits and entertainment.

In 2019, Next Communications, a well-structured digital media agency aimed at providing digital marketing solutions for companies, was born. In the same year,

Next Productions Limited, a fully-fledged professional video and audio production house, was also founded.

In this year, 2019, the now seven brands officially came together to form Next Media Services.

The ambitions have grown even more prominent by now, so much so that Media Plaza is no longer enough… Next Media Services needs a new home.

What a promising future ahead!

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